Do we make things easier or more complicated than they need to be? I am a victim of overcomplicating the simplest tactics, but I am learning not to do it anymore.

This year, reality TV is back in full force, and anybody — even those of us who don’t have the chance to compete on the shows — may benefit from their popularity.

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When the pandemic struck, churches had to dramatically alter their ministries. What impact has the lockdown had now that people are slowly emerging from it?

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The pandemic took away a lot of people’s income sources.

There would be no sales without copywriting (and writing in general).

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A photo is worth a thousand words, but on Instagram, a caption helps.

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Frustrated individual worrying about perfectionism in content
Seeking perfectionism for content is only going to end up in failure

Avoid banned Instagram hashtags whenever you publish a new post on Instagram.

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Your success on social media entirely depends upon the content you create.

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